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March 2005

Angel: Linear Scleroderma I have linear scleroderma. I have had it for a little over five years and I am only twelve...
Keith H: Eosinophilic Fasciitis (EF) I have a rare skin disease called eosinophilic fascitiis, a skin and muscle disease which causes tightness of the skin, and sometimes a reddish coloration of the skin in areas...
Martina: Linear Morphea (Ireland) I am twenty-four years old. I was diagnosed with linear morphea in September...
Millie: Morphea I was diagnosed with morphea scleroderma two years ago at age eleven. I want to know more people like me...
(Update) Trish: Spouse of a Diffuse Scleroderma Patient My husband had the surgery and his fingers are now fused into an open position. He will have the other hand done in June, at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Hospital...
Jill K: Lupus with GAVE (Watermelon Stomach) My hemotologist and GI specialists are very supportive but I am so frustrated at how little any one seems to know about GAVE disease...
Alicia B: Localized Morphea with possible Parry Romberg Syndrome The doctor kept saying something had eaten away at all the fatty tissue and the muscles which left it just skin, blood, bone, and nerve so when you look at it, it looks like I have dirt on my face and a gaping hole to go with it...
(Italiano) Ely: Sindrome di Raynaud Due anni fa ho incontrato una ragazza con il mio stesso problema...
Anita: Lichen Sclerosus et Atrophicus My concern is that it is spreading all over my body: both legs, my back, my neck and moving toward my face...
(Español/Spanish) Nora: Esclerodermia Morfea Les agradeceria que me dieran mas informacion a cerca de los tratamientos...

2014 New Personal Stories

Sheri M: CREST Syndrome (Update) It has been three years since I've posted and I am happy to say I am still doing well...
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