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Tracy: Undiagnosed

My fingers and toes turn white and become completely numb.

[Macaw] I have been experiencing extreme sensitivity to the cold. My fingers and toes turn white and become completely numb. I have seen a doctor, and he has run two antinuclear antibody (ANA) tests. They were both positive.

My problem is, my doctor is not telling me anything. He wants to wait another six months to test my ANA again. I do not know if the wait and see approach is the best way to handle this. Should I find a specialist, or wait for a diagnosis?

I would really appreciate hearing from somebody who has been diagnosed. Not only would I like to hear how the diagnosis came about, but also what the chances are that I have scleroderma if at all possible. My only other symptoms are fatigue and a little joint stiffness in my fingers.

Please share your story with me. I am really tired of waiting and wondering. Thank you very much.

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Story Artist: Shelley Ensz
ANA Antibody Tests
Difficult Diagnosis

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