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Daughter's Prom



Yikes! I'm like a little robot whizzing here and there

I forget just where I'm going until I'm finally there

My daughter's dress is waiting at the store for me to get

And I'm rushing to the car in case the thing gets wet

Mum! Please get my prom dress I've only got till July

And at the rate the time is going, the days will surely fly

My little girl's a lady, sixteen and leaving school

And everything is either being stressed out or cool


Mum! I need some nice new shoes to go with my attire

The shoes are getting slimmer the heels even higher

I'd break my neck in those I say, but she just has the knack

And before I can say any more she's snickering behind my back

Hey! I was young like you Y'know I wasn't always Mum

I had a life and lived it and with it lot's of fun

So don't think I'm a geek or square I've been down that road as well

And on those tottering high heels too and yes! I've also fell


I used to venture to the hottest clubs, my friends and fellas too

We had such a brilliant gang, came home after two

We never wore a jacket and the snow was falling down

But we still kept on walking to every pub in town

And even then I had Raynauds and it was my party trick

And no one else could do it -- I was all so slick

My how my life has changed since then and now I'm keeping warm

Living in a half built house on an old neglected farm

But still I have my humor and my daughter well she's divine

If nothing else belongs to me -- she will always be mine


So I pick up this lovely dress, my daughter's prom indeed

And if I never do anything else this is my one good deed


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