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You Are What You Eat



Yikes! What am I doing this mad hormonal twit!

I did a stint on the radio for Raynauds, did my bit

And then I went and mentioned that it was my desire

To be a roving reporter and available for hire

I could be the next correspondent or even make TV

But now I'm ahead of myself, little adventurous me

Oh did I mention I have sclero, but the station didn't care

And that makes me feel special to be of some use there


I really worry about children and how they eat then relax

I don't think that they realise there's more to food than Mac's

Our children are becoming hefty and with it bad health too

It's up to us as parents to teach them what to do!

So it was then that I decided to go out and speak my mind

And shout it out on the airwaves and if needs be unkind

There's nothing like earth's goodness and nature provides the key

There's nothing good in a packet, for the ingredients you cannot see

Nature has it's own sweet way of packing all that's good

You wouldn't buy an apple if it was caked in mud

Yet it's fine to eat a shiner even though it's full of wax

The bees make that to seal their hives not make attractive packs


I really worry about children about how little they really know

Eating well and exercise will give them power to grow

And in this age of plenty there isn't any excuse

To get something out of the freezer that won't be of any use

I know that I may suffer ills and can't explain my condition

But if I was well and able and not in this position

I'd fight for real hearty food instead of eating trash

And stop the big conglomerates reeling in the cash

Coz someones getting fatter and it's not always you

The big men in the food chain are making lot's of money too!


Lets get right back to basics at mother nature's request

And eat a proper dinner that hasn't been tampered with or messed

Eat like nature intended and we may just find a cure

instead of eating rubbish and stodgy based manure

Feed our children goodness and in time they'll thrive

And make their life worth living and glad to be alive

I wish I didn't have sclero but wishing won't make it right

But it'll never begin to stop me and for justice I will fight

Eat well and prosper and serve vegetables on your table

And change the way you're thinking if you're really able

Give good food a fighting chance for one day it will repay

Coz if you change tomorrow there's no time like today!


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