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You're not your normal self today whatever on earth that means

I'm normally very cheery and bouncing full of beans!

But you can have an off day, goodness knows I've had a few

But the only person commenting, my friend happens to be you!

Yes, I have a runny nose but that's normal to compare

Having scleroderma is much worse and hard to bare

I can surely rid myself of cold and fight off all those sneezes

It's the other stuff I'm battling with the king of rare diseases


Oh I start to shiver and my back is aching too

A cough is starting to develop Oh **** -- Aatchoo!

Those germs have certainly got me and my throat is red and sore

But I won't complain of anything at the risk of becoming a bore

I'll get my paper tissues and sit beside the fire

And switch on the TV set -- the programmes are just dire

Who wants to watch Oprah or anyone else's trials

So I reach for the remote control and twiddle with the dials

400 stations with nothing for me to savor

Switching off the telly will do myself a favor


I reach for a magazine, my daughter buys them so

And it's filled with lots of silly stuff that I don't want to know

How a hubby ran off with his mate and the wife who took revenge

And all about the hippies who rally to Stonehenge

Cutting off private parts and feeding them to the cat

I swear that story was in there and I read all of that

Where do they find the material for such a gory read?

They must go on the internet or folk sell it them for greed

I could give them a story and I wouldn't need to lie

Simple, clean and funny not about some cheating guy


Atchoo -- Oh I'm off again and with it a little cough

I need some kind of remedy so I think I might sign off

I'll rummage through the cupboards to find a bottle or pill

For now I'm really aching I think I might be ill

Maybe no more blogs today and maybe I'll have a rest

I can't write any proper stuff when I don't feel my best

Sorry guys for moaning but I really have to go

My throat is raw and hurting and my nose I need to blow!



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