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Global Warming



Global warming! -----Where?. Climatic change is certainly happening but my views on the cause are very controversial. I'm a complete skeptic and don't believe what I'm being told. Sure we burn too much fossil fuels and we're all guilty of littering the planet -- there's just too many humans per square mile and too much technology. But my theory is this: I think global warming will happen anyway with or without our help. The dinosaurs would still be with us if nothing had changed although their demise was blamed upon an asteroid.

Looking back through time -- didn't we have an ice age? If global warming hadn't begun centuries ago, we'd be living in igloos and the poor souls with raynauds, well that doesn't bear thinking about.

The technology we have today wasn't around 2000 years ago, neither was the population explosion, can we blame the Romans for everything? Did they have congested roads, smoky factories and CFC's.... er! They probably did, so lets forget the Romans. Okay, let's have a go at the generations before that! Well, we were running around in loin cloths and making fire with two sticks -- could that contribute to global warming??? The truth is, we ain't making things any better but my theory is we would get global warming anyway.

The planet is running out of resources, do you think it's a ploy to make us slow down -- I do! Global warming is big business. Take the theory away and just imagine the job losses, revenue and the desire to use nuclear fuel. I think we're being groomed to accept the nuclear power age. It's clean -- supposedly and a cheaper alternative to fossil fuels.

Okay, I'm being very political here and not one of my normal blog posts but I feel so strongly about this issue and whether anyone agrees with me or not I won't change my stance. All I can say at this present moment, if there is global warming please hurry. It's 36 degrees here today, blowing a gale and snowing. I'm gonna fill my fire up with coal, turn up the heating and make my carbon footprint as the government likes to call it, upon this earth this afternoon. My Raynauds is in full bloom, my cough is never ending and I'm back to my obnoxious self worrying about something that effects us all. Why worry? Global warming is a high agenda, perhaps we'll all get some respite when it finally arrives.


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