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Summer Recess



Oh no! the summer school holidays, six weeks of blowing lids

One mad hormonal teenager, and a shopping mall full of kids

The moaning I hear from morn till night is getting on my nerves

And the criticism from one so young is more than one deserves

Why can't we do something interesting instead of sitting at home!

I swear I'll be climbing the walls and be wishing I was alone

Why is it nothing will do, I suggest a walk into town

The look upon my daughter's face is permanently in a frown

Ugh! and what will we do when we get there, boring is all she says

And slams the door of her bedroom and there all afternoon she stays

I sigh and wonder what I was like at her age, back then

I was playing out with my friends, had to be in bed by ten

For 15 was a tender age and only just into boys

I'd rather of had an ice cream or play out with my toys

So now I'm sounding ancient, perhaps I was boring then

I was almost 27 when I got into men

My mother was always warning me, stay away from boys I knew

And grow up like your mother, I'm just like her it's true

I can hear it in my lectures, I used to call them that you see

And now I'm saying the exact same thing, to grow up just like me!

So round the shops she drags me purse and bags in hand

First she goes to a top shoe shop where a pair is almost a grand

Next we're in the most expensive boutique, a pair of shorts for forty pound

And she's screaming right across the shop, another pair she's found

I'm glad her father's at work today, for patience he has none

No wonder his hair is fading fast with her it'll soon be gone

She spends her cash like water, mind you she saves it too

And everything she wears to date is always fashionably new.

What ever happened to hand me downs or cheap clothes from the corner store

These kids today are so fortunate the choice is so much more

This pair looks ok does it mum! I can see she's in a strop

I didn't say I liked it enough, so she stormed out of the shop

You didn't like me in those shorts I could tell with the look you gave

It wasn't the shorts I told her, it's the money you should save.

To her shopping is a pastime and really just a game

I hate her when she's in this mood, but love her just the same

How many weeks have you got left, I ask in anticipation

Then find myself wishing I wasn't in this situation

Are you tired of me already, she asks as it's only the start of the break

No' I reply with gusto, it's just me feet are beginning to ache

All this walking round the shops is all too much for me

Lets go into a cafe and have a cup of tea

I sit down at the table and look into her eyes

The image of her father and some of my family ties

To me she is beautiful, the most precious thing I own

And now I see a woman, my how she's grown

I love that child with all my heart and this trip seems all worthwhile

Just to see her happy face and that wonderful cheeky smile

I'd give her all the earth, if the earth is what she required

And place it on a silver plate, but my feet feel so tired

Let's go home my sweetheart and get away from town

I'll make us a nice little dinner even though for me it won't go down

The end of the day and we head on home after all that shopping muddle

We curl up on the settee and give each other a mighty cuddle

I love you mum and I love you too we pretty much agree

But those shorts you tried on dear, were too short above the knee

I knew you didn't like them, all you had to do was say

But we'd both had enough by then you see and it was time to call it a day

Don't tell my dad what I got, you know that he'll go mad

I don't think he ever had any clothes when he was just a lad

Go hide them away he'll never know just wear them and tell him they're old

He'll never know the difference if he is never told

I'm the mother of a teenager, my job is mum and friend

I love her dearly with all my heart and to the earth's end

She's grown into a woman and soon she'll be wed I know

But for now she's still my baby and always will be so.




Barbara Lowe


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