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Dreams Of Lazy Days



First day of spring and yet another year has passed. I have so much to look forward to, namely the completion of this ###### house which has dominated our lives since my husband's mad cap idea to rebuild a cottage that never had so much as a lick of paint since 1660. True it was a mammoth task, and we sure have made hard work of the whole thing -- I swear if I hear my daughter say "I hate living here" one more time, I'll up and leave myself.

The onset of spring has me dreaming of long summer days in the garden just relaxing, but my life has never been so straight forward. We had visions of many days such as those when we began our task back in 2002 -- now 5 years on we're still holding out for that very thing.

We moved into our abode just before the winter holidays and since then all that has been achieved is, well promises of completion! These visions are all it's become and if we continue to dream that's all it will ever be.

Our discussions in the car this morning took up the entire journey. My husband revealing his plan for the spring break. "I'm goin- a paint the house" he exclaimed but "What about my wall" I snapped. There was a long pause and then he promised that it was a summer job. In the next breath he told me that it was too cold for me outdoors just yet --- "What?" I screamed. "So you expect me to build it for you?" He thought for a while so as to choose words not to inflame the situation. "No, but you can help". I tell you, it was lucky that the journey ended right there or else we may have ended up in a field.

I got home in less than a mellow mood. My daughter was waiting for me to take her to school -- this is my early morning job of the day, take my hubby to work then home to collect my daughter and take her to school. Later I'll be round at my parents such is my day. Somewhere in between I'll be feeding the geese, preparing a meal and doing the housework, but since my family think I do nothing all day, how do they think their dinner gets on the table or how they commute from A to B. Speaking of geese well, they're all in a state of madness on account of 4 of them sitting on about 15 eggs each. If they all hatch, we're in for a merry time but of course they all won't and I'm looking for some inspiration here!

We're on our 4th postman, the other 3 refused to deliver the mail here. I can't say that I blame them, I myself venture outdoors with a broom in hand ready to whack that gander when he charges and he's cunning with it. He's learned the art of ambush and nothing short of a commando he dashes from behind, wings flapping and honking. I, on the other hand, have perfected the art of a batsman and although this may seem a little cruel, I'd challenge anyone to stand up to a huge full grown gander. My aim has gotten better and I can defend myself with just one hit instead of having a fit and swinging the broom like I was being attacked by a swarm of bees. At this point the whole gaggle begin honking just like they're laughing at me and they probably are "No bread for you today!" as he returns to his group with a little hurt pride.

I have such fun I can hardly contain myself. A half finished house, psychotic geese a very humble and bemused little dog and a daughter who hates living at home. My hubby is the only thing that accepts our situation and as well he should since he caused it! Why did I ever listen to his plan of rebuilding a house when all we'd ever built before was a garden wall. Perhaps this year our dream will finally come true!


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