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Coz Life's Like That!



Well, I've made it through winter -- no mean feat you might say! But that's how you come to judge life with scleroderma -- another year, another challenge, another episode.

Life is just too short, so cramming as much into it as possible seems the logical thing to do. My brain works rather like my computer these days -- too much information and Wham! it crashes then shuts down for eons. That's me all over except I still function physically if not mentally. With my raynauds in remission for a few days, and I do say that cautiously, I managed to plant a few pretty flower seeds in my make-shift garden of sorts. Of course they're not pretty flowers as yet but one can only hope and in my situation it will be a miracle if they ever appear. The geese took an unhealthy interest in my greenfingered attempt and I'm sure they're waiting for the first green leaf to appear. I can imagine a goose running off with my first crysanthamum and me after it like a screaming ninja. They have just produced a new generation of two legged yellow feathered T Rex's and already they hiss just like mum and dad, so nine geese have become, well who knows as they haven't finished yet with three more geese on the nest we could quite easily double or tripple the gaggle and then that would be mayhem.

There's something within us all that makes even the toughest person wobble at the knees with a sigh of "Awww" at the sight of new born chicks waddling behind mum exept these are goslings but very cute none the same. My daughter as all "Aww'd" out if there is such a termination, every time they pass by! The postman "Awws" from a very safe distance behind the gate knowing that one foot on the other side will cause a tsunami of feathers and honking manic birds to attack, and that's just what they do -- will he ever learn?

The weather is unseasonal but very much to my liking. 70 degrees in April -- in England, never been known! It's set to reach the 80s in the next few days -- happy days indeed if you have Raynauds and why not feel selfish, anyone who has it will know exactly what I mean! Life's like that and so be it.

Having cleared out the last chocolate egg from the fridge, the reminants of tradition. My daughter's words ring in my ears and I constantly remind her rather cinically. "I'm too old for chocolate eggs, please don't buy me any" So in keeping with tradition I got all the eggs and she got cash, ever heard of having your cake and eating it? Well, that's one proverb that describes my daughter well, she took the cash and ate all the eggs and do I worry, nope, because somewhere in that grown up head of hers is the child I once knew and the cuddle on the couch at night with a mouthfull of chocolate was a sight I thought was lost in memory.

With that episode over with I'm now looking forward to summer -- Greece maybe!

If the weather stays warm here who knows, I might even give it a miss this year and stay home-- then again -- perhaps not!


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