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First Radio Cook Show



My first radio show will be aired on the 27th April and if I say that I'm nervous it would be a massive understatement.

My theme is upon healthy eating --- Dish of the Day! And for my first dish I plan to talk about a soup which will be made with ingredients purchased from our local market. I suppose I have to start with something simple and I only have around 15 minutes to deliver my recipe.

I think I might give out the recipe for Stilton and Leek soup -- one of my favourite soups when I was normal -- normal in the sense that I could eat perfectly well.

How ironic that I should be presenting a show entirely based on eating food which is now an impossibility for me! I guess it's my way of dealing with the situation.

All this put asside and I'm not thinking about it in the least, I'm quite looking forward to the challenge and since it's my idea I hope the listeners out there will enjoy the show. Of course there will be a little humor as it's not me to be serious for any length of time -- it's just how you incorporate it. I could be called the Manic Maid coz that's how I feel when in my kitchen at home, not in the least tidy and the flour --- well let's just say it's not always in the bowl.


Wish me luck. I'm gonna need it!


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