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Grow Your Own!



I don't know but there's something about having all the family home and then waving them off to school and work that makes me sigh with relief. It's not the prospect of daytime TV, nor the loneliness, it's the fact that all the time is to myself and I don't have any pressure to do anything. I guess it's the lazy attitude I've developed since becoming sick. Take this weekend for instance! We decided, or rather my hubby decided, to make a vegetable patch in our lawn. Okay, so practically thinking we could have our home grown produce which sounds idyllic, in reality it's hard work. We ended up with a 10 by 6ft oblong mound of earth

in which to grow, beans, peas and raddish, another oblong will be made next weekend for the rest of the veg. My daughter sulks that I'm not spending enough time in the house, my hubby say's not enough in the garden -- so I sit on the fence! I'm there trying to keep the calories in when an afternoon spent digging with a fork will have probably burned up the good I put in. Then I wonder why we're doing this? I look around the open fields and on the grand scale of things this is like a recreation ground for worms. The rabbits will have a glorious romp through the patch and the geese won't be able to quench their curiosity until they've destroyed every last plant. It will be a miracle if we ever see a pea or anything for that matter. And I know this will be the outcom as I bought a lovely cordyline plant, the type that looks a bit tropical. The man who sold it to me promised that geese would not eat it! Ugh!!! The plant stood for two days until one morning I happened to look outside and there was a goose chewing happily on the leaves, sad to say that all that's left is a twig with a few short leaves and looks more like a brush that would be used to clean the toilet. So much for geese not eating cordylines. What chance do we have when they'll eat something like that? I'd say absolutely none!

So apart from wasting a glorious sunny weekend in wellington boots and covered almost entirely in soil, we have a place to put our veg, or not, whatever! My hubby says he'll get some fencing but I know it will never happen and if he does the geese will simply fly over it ..... wing clipping is another story not to be missed!


Sanctuary and peacefulness returned. My routine wrecked and my day wondering what to do is just wonderful, at least I'm not being told to do anything. Good job I'm not healthy then! I guess I'd be doing 20 jobs instead of 10!

Hard work being a stay at home wife and mum, even harder with scleroderma.


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