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Our Little Lancashire Farm



I've got on my little green wellies, my gloves, hat and spade

I'm going in the garden to the veggie patch I've made

I've never been greenfingered more like blue to be exact

The colour of my raynauds when it does it's unique act

I've never been a gardener, I should with the land I've got

But I've never had a thrill out of watching cow dung rot

I was born into farming but never took interest

Rather go out with the boys, I liked that the best


It's such a terrible pity I never listened well

My grandad the farmer gave all he could tell

He could grow a plant from nothing but tender loving care

And work the fields till sundown and I was never there

I never cared for tractors -- Ferrari's more my style

My grandad used to mock me with his red faced smile

You'll never drive a sports car until you drive my bess

He was talking about his tractor if you need to guess

It was pre 1940's started like a gun

But once it was going, all day it would run

It's thick white smoke a puffing as it chuffed across the land

And Uncle joe behind it giving grandad a hand


July was time to make the hay, the smell of new mown grass

And all hands to the deck we all mucked in on mass

Grandad on his tractor, Mum my Uncles and me

Getting in the hay bales, filling the barn before tea

Then out the following morning for the bales we didn't get

Those type of distant memories are the kind you don't forget

I'm smiling as I'm digging, my grandad would be so glad

I've finally taken an interest in something I always had

Funny how things come around and now I seem to enjoy

I always thought I shouldn't be a girl, instead a farmers boy


So I'm planting out my peas and beans and my cabbage too

No sign of numb fingers I'm feeling warm right through

I think I'm getting into this and thinking far ahead

I might just get rid of my car and buy a tractor instead

I never got my Ferrari, no sport cars of my dreams

I settled for a family and I grew up, so it seems

With only fading memories one's which did me no harm

Of day's spent in the fields on our little Lancashire farm


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