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If You Can't Beat Em -- Join Em



I can honestly say that being home all day has it's good and bad points like anything else. First there's the boredom especially since I worked for a living for 27 years, was seriously ill for 4 years and gave up my business. I started work when I was 15 and if you work that one out you'll now know my age -- 46!

So in the last 4 years, two of which I was in hospital. I've now been home 2 years or 22 months 11 days --- How this is messing with my brain!

I've been trying new ways to motivate myself into doing something more constructive than daytime TV brainwashing and Boy does it! There's Soap Opera's of all descriptions, adverts for Soaps, people doing what they shouldn't be doing, Soap stars singing badly, Singers dancing flatfootedly, Members of the general public singing hoping for a contract and last but not least DIY programmes and Chat Shows of the worst family situations in the UK -- need I go on, all for entertainment! ... Or cheap TV

I've gotta get out of this hole I've dug for sanity's sake. I'm becoming one of the millions of bored housewife's switching on the TV and then talking back to the screen sometimes out loud --- what am I becoming for goodness sake?

I watched a programme yesterday that had me growling from my chair. It featured a couple buying a home in the country with the help of a TV presenter. It was obvious from the outset that the couple only wanted media exposure and not remotely anything to do with buying the house of their dreams. They sat in a room and literally verbally abused the decor, situation and price. I tell you if they'd have been in my house I'd have chucked them out with the scruff of the neck. I even found myself telling my hubby about it when he came home from work. " Ugh, so that's what you've been doing all day is it?" Is all I got from him.

So if you can't beat em -- join em! I'm doing my spot in the media. I have plenty of experience from all the shows I've watched on TV these last 2 years. I figured if they can get away with trash than so can I.

My radio show starts a week next Friday, perhaps housewives will be shouting at me from their armchairs but the beauty of it is -- I can't hear them!

Here's to fame-- fortune will have to wait


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