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Can't Put My Finger On It



There are times when I can't just put my finger on what's wrong with me! I've had one of those weekends, not wanting to do anything -- feeling nauseous and slightly sorry for myself. My hubby and daughter took me to a soccer match on Saturday. The sun shone, we had really good seats in the stadium but we lost! The comments from the crowd made me smile, in fact at one stage I was enjoying the crowds mocking so much that I turned my attention away from the match just to listen. There was one particular gentleman who sat right behind me giving the referee some verbal abuse like -- "I know where you live!" Then someone behind him shouted "Yeah -- but he's moved".

My hubby and daughter sat there stuffing a potato and meat pie down their throats whilst I just held on to my jacket in case the sun decided to disappear. The whole day ended in a complete let down, but overall the experience was entertaining.

I never quite recovered on Sunday. I got up feeling tired and heavy. The plans I had around the home especially housework which needed some urgent TLC ended up being left for today, but I've now got other plans like shopping.

I don't totally feel myself but life goes on! My daughter has the TV bouncing off it's stand downstairs listening to rubbish on MTV. I can feel the computer vibrating but I haven't the energy to shout. My hubby's hunting the house down for a tin of dog food he thought he'd bought yesterday -- the poor dog waits anxiously outside! And it's raining!


We got a Poly Tunnel last week -- a sort of, well plastic tunnel for plants! I began to grow an array of plants both flowers and veg, needless to say my geese enjoyed their share of them before they even got in the ground. My hubby began the project on Wednesday but so far all I have is 4 large hoops erected on the garden. I'm waiting for the tunnel to be completed for my seedlings which will be full grown before long. This is our attempt at self sufficiency over winter -- we'll starve at this rate! Glad he didn't fancy keeping pigs or sheep for slaughter as they'd be dying of old age before he got round to it!

We've got so much to do that it's difficult to know where to start! There's the house, the land and now the cultivation issue, my mind boggles.

Here's to another week!


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