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The Weather



It's true that us Brits talk about the weather in any conversation -- who would blame us? The temperature has gone from 70 degrees plus to 48 degrees in one foul swoop. Glorious sunshine to dark stormy clouds. ****! I don't know whether to wear a jumper, take an umbrella or wear a coat! Of course we are an island in a north westerly hemisphere-- or are we? My geography was never good at school! Anyway, changeable weather is almost a definite and one thing I do know is, I'm up north and if it's gonna be cold, it will be freezing up here.

My Raynauds enjoyed a couple of weeks respite, but now it's back in full bloom and my temper with it! I get so frustrated not being able to open things or setting off an attack with just ordinary everyday things that ordinary everyday people have no problem with at all! I'm not being philosophical it's a hard fact.

Raynauds rules my life as far as being normal is concerned. Oh I know there are far worse conditions in the world and I'm not complaining. I have the utmost sympathy for anyone with a chronic illness, but this is my little battle and one I can't win when I'm up against the weather!


My daily chores will stay on hold as long as my fingers remain in a frozen state. I got the meat out of the freezer and then locked up my hands for about 20 minutes.

I tried to light a fire and burned my forefinger on the lighter -- then lost patience.

I attempted making coffee but couldn't get the lid off the jar and when I did, the coffee spilled all over the floor. I screamed like a woman with PMT. This is what it reduces you to. Last week when the sun shone and the temperatures soared, I could have done that no bother! This week, however, I'm like the classic case that my rheumatologist takes pleasure in presenting to her students and I'm not very happy with it.

Where's my summer gone? Last week I was wallowing in warmth -- this week I'm wrapped up like Nanook Of The North! There I was tending to my plants hoping and willing them to grow, then as only nature itself could do -- it rains, rains and rains. Up come the weeds. How come weeds grow so prevalently without your involvement, whilst the plants you really want in your garden struggle! My little flower border looks like a jungle and it's not the first time it's looked a mess --- remember the geese? I'm fighting a losing battle it seems.

Talking about losing battles. I made a call to my general practitioner. I had a blood test 2 weeks ago at her surgery. As far as blood tests go, this one was supposed to be urgent. I rang as requested 2 days later to find the results and it was no surprise when the receptionist told me that they weren't yet back! I left it at that. Surely if the results were to be anything but satisfactory they would call me? --- Wrong! I rang today hoping for nothing more than, "Bloods fine" All I got was "Er -- What blood tests?" They've only gone and lost them haven't they! I raise my arms to the sky ---- why do I bother? If they were urgent, which they were, then they must be critical by now. I could wither away -- collapse -- die, oops! Now I'm being melodramatic, but I could! And to cap it all I received notes from my rheumatologist just this morning saying I now have Cervical Spondylosis -- whatever that is. Well whatever it is I'm slowly adding to the list of complaints which now reads like a 4 course menu. Give me strength!


I've just realised what a rotten week I've had in one way or another! All I seem to have done is moan and that's not really me! Who shouted " Liar" at the back? It's true I have the occasional spat, don't we all? Perhaps a trip to Greece is on the cards. That will do nicely --- what do you think?


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