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Claiming Disability!



Well! Another diagnosis to add to my ever increasing reasons why I'm not normal!

Cervical Spondylosis -- sounds like a joke, the kind you would invent to fool your employer upon having a sneaky day off, and how do I know that ---- well I've never done it of course --- Okay, Okay just once perhaps!

How on earth do they come up with such names, can't they just say "Okay, you have arthritis of the neck dear" or "A Crick neck"? Either way it all means the same. I now have to embarrass myself by trying to pronounce the ###### thing Cervical spondywotsit!

Joking apart, I have to say that my neck is quite painful and I'm kind of glad something showed up on X Ray. I hate complaining about something and then being faced by a health professional telling me there's nothing to report. I kind of feel like a cheat at that point rather than "I told you so!"

I looked up the condition on the internet -- not a wise move really! I read the most extreme case scenario and of course I'm crippled this morning. I feel like a puppet on a string ready for the snip at any time, what a silly thought that would be, still it all adds up to a generalised picture of my illness for the disability question. Have you ever been through a disability claim? I have -- twice! Listing all my ailments, medication, abilities and the reason for my claim which is blatantly obvious by the time you come to the end of the sheet. My claim was in the depth of winter on one of the coldest days we'd had for a long while. The doctor came to my home to assess my condition and how it affected me. The only time I've ever really wanted a Raynauds attack did me proud on that day. I think the doctor was almost down to his undercrackers by the time he left, I had the place so warm I could hardly breathe and it only emphasised the need for some financial help if only to pay for the heating. He left with all my information but I wasn't confident about the outcome. This was my second time of asking. I was refused point blank the first time and never even got a visit from a doctor, so at least this time I was properly assessed and if I was to be unsuccessful then so be it!

I rejoiced when the decision went in favor of me and then wept because I was now officially ill. I didn't want to be a statistic, registered as a disabled person but what choice did I have? I decided from that point on that I wouldn't let this condition rule my life -- I'd been compensated and enough was enough.

So here I am trying to do all the things that make me normal and, Y'know what?, I guess I am normal I just can't help my problems. Aside from artificial feeding, a crick neck, and far too many other things to mention -- I don't think I do too badly!

I'd urge anyone to press for disability benefit however you feel. Ask yourself this-- Can a person of my age do more or less than me without alteration of style? If the answer is no, claim! I'd rather be able to do the things a person of my age can do and given the choice I know which I would choose.

Oh well! Back to reality and the big wide world!


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