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Thinking Of Greece



Seems like it's not only me that throws a "wobbler" now and again. This ###### computer is giving me high blood pressure! I wait for ages to sign on and then the whole thing crashes -- Arrggh! Fingers crossed I'm up and running.


This year is flying by, May already -- ****! I've just gotten over the winter festivities and placed all the trinkets back into the loft. Soon it will be summer and my head's thinking Greece. We plan to be a bit more adventurous this time -- that doesn't mean we'll be hiking anywhere but we may visit an island not as popular with the hoards as we have done previously. This time we plan to fly to Mykonos then take a boat over to Naxos in the Cyclades. I've never traveled like this before and it will take a degree of planning as for one, my daughter hates sailing, I hate flying and my hubby hates hanging around so it will be eventful no matter what the outcome. My daughter was given a choice -- No holiday or Naxos! She chose Naxos of course vowing to be brave on the sea. I think she remembers the time we sailed across to Turkey from Rhodes. The sea was extremely rough and there were plenty of scared people on that boat I'll tell you! Where you once saw tanned faces, sat green, terrified holidaymakers. One guy was so scared he buried his head in his wife's lap whilst she sat there trying to be brave. My daughter demanded constant assurances that we weren't about to sink and I soon got an audience of people when I explained that the sea around Greece was always like this, the Greeks were used to the conditions, and me and her father had done the trip many times before. I was telling little porky's, of course, but I think I was reassuring some of the group even though I was slightly scared myself. I was none the less mighty glad when the boat landed back in Rhodes, but I wasn't the first off the boat -- I've never seen such a rush of body's clambering for the shore.

I've been many places on the seas. When we married, my hubby and I went to Cyprus for our honeymoon. We decided to take a trip to Israel and Egypt whilst we were so close. We booked on a large ship and set off for a 4 day trip. The sights we saw were remarkable and probably a once in a lifetime experience. We saw King Tut's treasure in the Cairo museum -- The Pyramids in Giza and then moved on to Israel which was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. You couldn't get away from what had happened there 2000 years ago and the evidence was all around -- The battles, the little cobbled streets and the reference to something I'd been brought up with all around. It brought a tear and a lump to the throat and I'm really glad I saw it!

Sadly we won't ever return due to political unrest, but it will always be one of the most interesting trips I ever made.

Call me sentimental but I just love the Ancients -- without them where would we be! Can't wait for my hols!


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