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3rd Dish Of The Day Show On The Radio



I've just aired my 3rd show on the radio. I'm quite excited actually as the DJ told me that he was receiving some very positive feedback from my little spot.

I'm beginning to lose my nervousness that hampered my first couple of shows -- I simply read out recipe's far too quickly and in a much higher pitched voice than normal --- I sounded like the Chippendales on helium! I've learned to relax a little in front of the mic instead of ducking below and trying to evade it like the plague.

It all helps my confidence building programme which I lost through illness. I used to be so self assured and outgoing -- I was drifting into oblivion. Being home all day with nothing to do and no one to talk to except the wall, well quite frankly it was driving me up it! I've always gone out into the world and worked. My own business was testament to that. I loved the excitement of each day albeit a woman very much in a man's industry. Yes! I ran the gauntlet on many occasions and saw every new task a challenge waiting to be had. I had responsibility -- responsibility of staff and time schedules. I was responsible for the taxation and salary side of business and I took the blows when work was bad. Unfortunately I found myself wrapped up in a world that I didn't want to be in at all -- illness.

I was suddenly reliant on other people and got so aggravated with myself and things beyond my control. I think that this was the hardest pill to swallow not the condition itself.

My life had to get back on track somehow. I began to write for this website and another one too and by doing this I realised that my life at no point had ever been boring. I'd never really sat down and reminisced, but memories were all I had during the dark days. I also realised how fortunate I was to have such vivid memories and how happy most of them had been. If only I could share them with the big wide world.

So here I am today sharing my own personal lifetime, and a radio presenter to boot. I have much to thank this site for -- my confidence and my return to wit which almost died along with my health two years ago. I have plenty to smile about nowadays and although my life is far from perfect -- show me a person who's life is! In my books it's as near as ######!

Thank you ISN. Thank You Chorley FM and thanks to you all for the encouragement to carry on. My own personal rock!


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