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Car Clean



Spondylosis! "What's that? I recieved a copy of my clinic letter, closely followed by a call from my general practitioner's surgery. I hate going to my general practitioner but I've been summoned to attend. I think it may have something to do with my neck and lower back, y'know the little tail (coccyx). I get the most unbearable pain in my derriere when I've sat for any length of time. I've complained about this on my last visit to my very unsympathetic, or rather pathetic, GP who told me on no uncertain terms to go and buy a cushion on which to sit. Huh? That's about as much as I could expect really and something I could have prescribed for myself without the need to face old polecat features! It finally took a letter from my rheumatologist to force her hand and now I have the daunting task of going to her surgery to ask for it. I feel like Oliver Twist!


I cleaned my disgustingly dirty car this morning after many comments from friends. It's a new car and I think it's blue/grey, or rather it was when I bought it. For the last 4 months it's been a sort of grey/brown and the alloy wheels, well! They may have looked alloy but it was hard to tell. "Shame on you!" I hear you say but without any offers to do the job from my family and coupled with the last time I took a car to the carwash I almost wrote it off and scrapped it to the junk yard -- I wasn't doing that again! I don't know about you but the whole episode of car washing in a cold climate has me in pain with my fingers, my poor tummy just aches from all the bending -- the tube in my tum doesn't help, and now I have a bad back, so all in all I'm in no shape to clean a car.


I braved all the elements just before lunch. I gritted my teeth and bore the pain, then spent half an hour in a red hot bath which I struggled to get out of afterwards. For all my pain, I decided to show off my new, new car down at the supermarket. I parked up in the disabled bays quite proud of my vehicle, I'd been ashamed all these past months to place my car next to anyone's, theirs always seemed so clean and well looked after. I did a little shopping, came out and then walked straight past my car in the bay -- I didn't recognise it! " How awful" You might say, and it's true I'm a disgrace, but I am considered disabled and I have the proof in my inability to clean a car without pain.


I returned home admiring my handywork and then---- It rained! Ugh, so much for my gleaming car! "Just my luck" I thought, still it's better than it was.


I'm waiting for a delivery of soil. We have 22 acres of the stuff but it's covered in grass. I just want a little for my new poly tunnel, Y'know to put some veg in. I would like to bet that although I've waited in all afternoon, the blighter will come when I'm out. Serves them right if they do coz they might get through the gate no problem but they won't be leaving so easily. My geese are terribly nosey and very unsociable so they'll gather round for a toot and then attack. I did warn them and they did promise to deliver on time -- We'll see?


It's stopped raining at last and out comes the sun. Everyone will be home soon and they'll have plenty to talk about! And I will just say " I cleaned the car" They won't have noticed and all I'll get is " Have you, how nice?"


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