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I remembered something today which made me smile

Something I've not spoken of in a very long while

This wise old man I ran into

Began to chat about someone he knew

He first enquired about my health then began his tale

The sadness in his tone of voice made me turn quite pale

For he told me of his closest friend who had recently passed away

He was going to the cemetery when he stopped me along the way


He reminisced along each step and I laughed at every joke

Said they were the non-complaining sort, never bothered other folk

And when he stopped to catch his breath, joked it would be his last

So we'd better get a move on and get to the cemetery fast

He asked me about my condition but all I said was, "Fine"

Said his friend was like me and and their illness just like mine

Never moaned or grumbled just got on with their life

Never blamed the doctors throughout their toil and strife


He told me of his rheumatism, how it plagued his tired feet

And with that we looked around to find a little seat

Oh Yes! my dear I'm lonely and I miss my dear old friend

I never thought it would happen and this is it -- the end!

I'm sure they'd want to trade with me, bad feet instead of death

Well they could have them any day along with my short breath!


We chatted for an hour or so then he said he had to go

His missus would be calling, of that he told me so

The flowers he was clutching he left upon the seat

And as he wandered in the distance I took on a feat

I'd find the grave he was looking for and place the flowers on

And when I looked again, that old man had gone!

I was looking for a Frederick on each and every stone

I found a new dug grave but Fred wasn't on his own

It said his wife was with him a cold shiver down my neck

That very man I'd spoken to was Fred -- Oh ****!

I'd been talking to a spirit and boy! was I afraid

I put down the flowers and out the cemetery I made.


Years passed by, I never went back, I often thought of Fred

If it was true he was a ghost, well by now he would be dead

Funny how time just flies on by and people you often meet

But none like dear old Fred and his aching feet!


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