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Market Day



I never keep a diary -- I should! My list of things to do keeps on growing by the day. To say that I'm a housewife is an overwhelming understatement. I'm Head Cook, Domestic Cleaner, Secretary, Taxi Service and Mum! And to cap it all --- I'm employably indisposed --- something I've just made up! I'm given a zillion instructions before the family leaves the nest each morning, don't forget to do this, don't forget to do that -- Oh! and don't forget to sort out my car insurance!

If you ask me if I'm unhappy, well no! I quite enjoy having a purpose even if it's that of the family slave. What ever happened to equal rights? I sound thouroughly Victorian. Perhaps it's in my roots. My Great Grandmother after all, was in service as a cook in a large home. My Grandmother was a Farmer's wife and my mum broke the mould when she became a cotton weaver in the mills around Lancashire. Perhaps my purpose in life is to serve others?


My weekly chore list say's that Thursday is market day. I have help today in the shape of my daughter who has nearly finished high school but still goes back the odd day or two. When I was at school you had no excuses! You attended 5 days a week and then when you left school for the big wide world -- you left Friday and started work the following Monday. I did just that, but it's not so today. My daughter starts final exams in June -- GCSE's we call them. She has college in mind in the Autumn but has other plans much closer in the summer. Her thoughts are with a trip to Greece -- why not? But mine are very much with the completion of this house which is taking forever to finish. I don't want to go through another year without a proper roof. The rear wall needs taking down and rebuilding and we need an extension, not to mention a chimney stack for our lovely planned log fire in the other half of the house.


Well sitiing here chatting about it won't do! I've got to get the day started and I think it just has with a call from my daughters bedroom, " Mum, put the kettle on." Well I would but I can't get my arms through the spout --- Get it!


So it begins.........


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