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4th Dish Of The Day



My Fourth Dish of the Day is about to be aired on our local radio station. How contradictory am I when you consider that my ability to eat solid food has been taken away from me. My dietician is due to pay me a home visit next week but I had to rearrange her appointment due to my commitments at the radio station. Her tone of voice said it all when I explained my purpose for being on air.


"What, you're reading out recipes live on air? Wow! what a brave thing to do -- and why?"


The truth is I don't know why at all! I guess it always been my passion -- food that is! And in some ways it's a cruel blow not to be able to eat my concoctions. I spent the whole time in hospital drooling over magazine recipes and vowing to make the dish when I got home. Maybe it's psychological and my interest in preparing food some way feeds my hunger. What ever it is I have no explanation but I really enjoy having some purpose after years of being active then hitting a brick wall.


My show goes out at 11am every Friday. This week I have a very strange recipe.

I'm making Nettle Fritters Y'know the stinging type. I believe they taste very much like spinach so my daughter went round the fields last night collecting all the nettle tips in a plastic bag. I washed them then placed them in boiling water and blanched them for 2 minutes. I added flour, parmesan cheese and 4 eggs to a large bowl then strained the nettles, squeezed then dry then added them to the bowl. I then fried them in oil and drained them. My hubby tried them with chilli sauce and said they were definately different! They looked like owl droppings to me and my daughter refused to try them point blank!


Anyhow someone may like them and it's a change from the norm. Going for my shower before I go to the station. --- Break a leg they say?


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