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Week Of Appointments



My head feels as though it's permanently in a spin, especially this week as I have way too many appointments all at different times of the day -- I'm all mixed up!

Today I have a speech and language therapist coming to my home to assess me. Now don't ask me why I need a speech therapist unless she's coming to shut me up -- I can talk under water! No! She said it's more to do with my swallowing.

The last time I saw someone I think was a speech therapist who told me to place my chin downwards towards my chest whenever I swallowed. This was to help the food go down. I nearly choked trying to do it and now I have arthritis in my neck I can't see how this would work.


Yesterday I visited my general practitioner but, not surprisingly, she wasn't in. My general practitioner's are always doing something other than the job they're supposed to be doing. I have visions of seeing them on a cheap talent show on TV before long. It's not long ago that one of the general practitioner's climbed Everest, Yes Everest as in the big hill in the Himalayas! Okay he was doing it for a good cause but he left his post and quite frankly left one general practitioner in charge who happened to be mine. Now my general practitioner, who has no time for me, or anyone else, in fact, was none too happy being left in that situation. She opted to see less patients than she normally does which is as few as possible. Sure the other general practitioner got loads of credit for his triumphant climbing attempt, but he left his patients without medical care and in the hands of my unsympathetic doctor. The term 'rats leaving a sinking ship' comes to mind and I'm sure the surgery is losing more patients because of it.


Friday sees my dietician, who I actually like a lot, coming over to review my nutrition. Without this woman I would probably be dead -- I'm not over exaggerating here! I went through what can only be described as a living nightmare: absolutely no one listened to me as I wasted away because of a faulty tube that everyone dismissed as okay! My dietician fought with the doctors and eventually I had the necessary tests that showed a split in the tube. I was very lucky not to have had peritonitis which would have been very bad in my situation. I also had pancreatitis -- awful pain which the doctors again dismissed as surgery pain. My dietician knew me too well to know that when I screamed in pain I wasn't faking. I owe this woman a lot and I'll be so pleased to see her on Friday. A busy week in all.


My daughter leaves high school tomorrow, it's the bank holiday weekend and next week I have numerous appointments with all walks of life. For the moment I'd better prepare myself for the pending visit. Where are the geese? And where is the dog? I don't want another runaway guest. Better get a move on!


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