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That's My Girl!



My daughter begins a new era in her life today as she leaves high school for the big wide world! I gave her a cuddle this morning, then kissed her off to school, a far cry from the first day she started. I remember anxiously waiting for her to come home, wondering if she'd made new friends, would her teachers be nice and above all, would she like her new surroundings? That was 5 years ago and a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then.


She was such a shy kid. She was tiny compared with the other kids in school. She wore a smart new uniform with a school tie and neat sensible footwear. Her bag was a rucksack and her hair was neatly tied back --- so what happened? Five years on she left this morning, a grown young woman, tie loosley knotted like a noose, shirt hanging out, skirt up to her buttocks or there about and shoes you'd go out to a club in. Her hair long and straightened like string and foundation make up. Where has that little shy girl gone?


"Pick me up at 12 mum?" she asked. "We can go shopping afterwards." If life was that simple everyday, who'd complain? She's off to college in the autumn studying art, fashion design and media. I guess the whole process begins again and in 2 years time I'll be writing about her last day at college and first day in a job -- hopefully!


I'll have all summer with my daughter home all day. There'll be disagreements by the bagfull and cuddles by the pound. There'll be boredom, stress, and probably times when the bedroom door stays shut and hence the silent treatment -- of course, all my fault. I guess it's part of growing up, a teenager, weren't you ever one? I gave my mum some grief because, well what did she know? What did she know about my life, what did she know about dating, socialising, friends, fashion -- me? Funny how things come back to haunt and I can almost hear my own daughter reitterating those very words like a mini clone of myself. Whether I approve of boyfriends new or old, they'll never be good enough for my daughter, until one day, one will come along and take her away with or without my input and I'll have to accept just as my mum did that she's not a little girl any more.



I'm not that bad really and I do take an interest in all that she does. We have secrets kept away from her father that only we will ever know, like how much that dress really cost and who she's really going out with tonight -- there's just some things you don't dicuss with dad and those are but a few. All I can hope for is the decisions she makes in life turn out the way they are intended. I can guide her through life's ups and downs but decisions are hers alone!


There have been so many changes over the past 5 years. A little girl grew up! But in all the highs and lows there's still a little girl inside, especially when she asks to go to Greece with us again this year preferring to go with mum and dad instead of friends or is that just bank of mum and dad -- whatever! She's a good kid, not just by my assumption, but by others who meet her. She's kind, considerate and always has a smile for everyone. I guess I have to say, 'That's my girl!'


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