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New Model!



Twas the night before the procedure and all through the house,

Not a single thing was stirring not even a mouse


-- Okay! Okay! We've all heard that one before? I'm just about ready to put myself through yet another stint in hospital all for the cause of scleroderma! True, it's for my own good and I appreciate the necessity of the situation -- I need the job done to stay alive so it's an absolute done deal! I'm talking about (in case you didn't know) a new feeding tube, state of the art I'm told! It's much smaller and less trouble to hide, and I do try to hide it, you know? There's nothing worse than an 8 inch tube sticking out of your pants when shopping in the mall and being stared at by some snotty faced kid and equally snot-faced adult with a degree in mocking anyone they consider beneath them.


It happened today, in fact, would you believe it? I thought I'd secured the ###### thing in a knot and tucked it firmly down my pants. It was only when I saw this kid pointing and the adult sniggering like I had a male part of the anatomy strapped to me, that I realised my tube was making an appearence ---Thank goodness for tomorrow! I've learned to get over these situations and believe me you have to if you want to live a near normal life.


I was shopping for summer clothing, what a difference to some years ago when I bought clothes best suited for the high school frump! I'm almost a size zero these days and the choice of clothing is much more extensive. I'm almost on a par with my daughter, it's only my age and self worth that prevents me from wearing the stuff and I suppose I have the tube to consider! My suitcase will be full of the stuff I've longed to wear, toned down of course! But I do look better in shorts, except for the legs they look like something the cat brought in in it's mouth or something hanging out of a nest! My hubby says they look like knots in string -- he's talking about my knobbly knees.

My bottom is much smaller but it's awfully hard sitting on wooden chairs I'm missing the padding!


So my last blog for a couple of days at least. Next time I write I'll have my new model tube -- Watch this space!


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