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Summertime Blues

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Too much can happen in the space of a month --- was it really that long since we booked a vacation to Greece then swanned off? It's true that I'm pining, even yearning for the country I call second home but reality kicked in the moment I boarded that jet homeward.


So back in Blighty! -- that's knickname for Britain. The sun hasn't yet caught up with summer. It's never hit anything above 60 degrees since our return and yes!, I'm pretty fed up with grey skies and the relentless pouring rain. We've had floods, yes floods! I'm seriously considering building an Ark. A whole month of rainfall in one day fell in the north of England causing chaos to every law abiding family -- and those who are not! My good friend in Yorkshire rang me to say she was heading for the hills, a scene reminiscent of the film Armegeddon! "A tree fell on my little towing trailer," she said "and the police have just called to inform me of a dam about to burst." This lady was stricken and I was powerless to help.


Typical England. The world gets global warming and we get the rain! Oh I may sound flippant (and global warming is indeed a serious issue) but for someone with Raynaud's, I consider myself unfortunate not to have a piece of the problem the scientists are informing us of! Where the **** is summer? The kids will soon be out of school and with the weather in prospect, I reckon many parents will be crawling the walls with bored teenagers and equally bored kids before long. Six whole weeks -- I've been there. " What can we do today" A miserable child staring out of the window drawing on the pane of glass with a grubby finger. "Can we go shopping, to the cinema, go somewhere where it's not raining?" What a summer!

The BBQ grill hasn't been out of its box since new and the weeds are growing out of control. I may even find a long lost tribe out there in the long grass if I look hard enough, even the geese have given up trying to eat it as fast as it grows. Every day waking to the torrent of rain lashing past my bedroom window, will it ever stop?


What's this? A big yellow ball in yonder sky, it couldn't be -- could it? It is! -- It's the sun! It's been so long I forgot where it rises and sets. It's setting now, we'll get a full hour of sun and then it goes off to Australia or somewhere that appreciates its presence more than our country. "Don't forget to come back tomorrow, will you?" But before it sheds its warm light, it's gone below the hill and the storm clouds hang in a darkening evening sky. Huh! they'll be the first thing I see tomorrow, and then the rain! Living on an island, in Britain, in a wet cold climate. Global warming! Bring it on.

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