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Lazy Sunday

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A very lazy Sunday, only rising from my bed at 9am, and yes, it's raining.

We had plans today, my daughter and I, a mother and daughter thing, y'know like shopping or a wander round the seaside which isn't too far away. Instead I've lit a fire because believe me it's July and 50 degrees. The birds are singing with rain coats on and the dog is so wet it's grown flippers. I'm joking of course -- who'd believe that? But this relentless bad weather is getting everyone in the country down. We had a great April/May and we thought that the summer would be unbearably hot, we were led to believe so. So what's happened?


I'm wearing jumpers and shoes I normally wear in winter, well when needs must! My house is still unfinished. The plans we made for a building fiesta this summer have gone well and truly out of the window. We're waiting for a break in the clouds and a decent spell of dry weather to take down an old outside wall and rebuild it but the rain keeps on coming!


The whole farm is sodden wet. My wellies or gum boots have never seen so much action. There's a river of mud outside my front door and the geese are squelching around in the yard -- they used to be white! We have stinging nettles at the gate which I pull up on a weekly basis but they simply love the wet weather and grow quicker than I can catch. The colourful language of the postman tells me they've stung him again and then they get me when I collect the mail. Poor postman. If the dog or the geese don't get him, the flora will. I think my farm is an occupational hazard for him.


Okay, here goes my day. I'd better put on some decent clothes instead of my night attire. Get the chicken out of the freezer, and spend some quality time with my daughter who constantly mourns for Greece. At the moment I'm gonna mourn with her. Three and a half hours on a jet plane is all that seperates us from paradise and rain soaked Britain -- It's very tempting indeed.

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