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Rain Rain Go Away

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Oh this weather! It's said that the Brit's are ruled by it and I think I understand why? Every day -- rain! My only sunshine this summer will be my last trip to Greece (I'm working on my husband for another). My daughter anxiously buys new clothes in the hope of us jetting away. I'm just putting plans into action! My hubby is slowly coming round to the idea.


Another weekend and a wasted Saturday and Sunday not able to complete any work on the house or round the farm. My dining room in the old part of the property is flooded, still I could always boast an indoor swimming pool! The old wall leans more each day -- it will go eventually and perhaps for the best, saving us the bother of careful demolition.


My daughter moans "Will this house ever be finished" My sentiments too, but the fact is the British summer has stopped any kind of construction and garden work.

It's July and we're still having coal deliveries. The coal merchant is going to the Bahamas soon -- I wonder why? It's not that he's fed up of the weather too. Oh no! he's made so much money this year and who can blame him!


There's a break in the clouds and I think high time to put on a clothes wash. It's not the washing it's the drying since I don't yet have a tumble dryer. I did a huge amount of washing last week and the ###### stuff isn't dry yet! At this rate Britain will sink and won't our European neighbours be glad about that! We don't conform to all things European. Our currency remains the Pound. We drive on the opposite side of the road and hate metric conversion. We do not adopt a second language and we have a huge royal family. And what do our neighbours have? They have the sun and other things of course far greater. We have a depleted health service -- sure it's free but wait a minute -- someone has to pay for it somewhere and that someone is us, so it's not exactly free at all.


I had one foot on my soapbox then, but I havent the energy to get up there so I'll end this right here. Have a good day everyone -- I'm going swimming!

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