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Head Full Of Cotton Wool

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I thought my worst day was the day my mum died -- the next worst is her funeral!

We're all dreading that last journey, and this blog is becoming far too sad for me to carry on with, so even at this very depressing time my mum sent us some humour to laugh and cry about at the same time!


Making arrangements at the funeral parlour was our first stop after registering her death. Believe me it was difficult to bear! We were ushered into a small room, offered cups of tea and left for a short while on our own. I sat on a beautiful French settee and rested my arm on the armrest. Suddenly it snapped and I fell off the seat to the side.


"Oh ****," I screamed "I've broken it." My Father began to giggle and my daughter was hysterical. I looked around the room with the piece of broken furniture in hand -- do I try and repair it or do I shove it in a drawer and pretend nothing had happened? I was about to open a drawer to do the most stupid idea I've ever had when the lady attending us waltzed into the room with a huge grin.


"It always does that love," she said and then she pointed to a CCTV camera in the corner.


Our giggles turned to sadness once more as we flipped through pages of flowers and caskets. My mum would be smiling and at the same time scorning my stupidity. Funny how such simple silly things happen at the most inopportune moment.


As for me -- I'm doing fine! Bear with me whilst I ride out this most difficult time.

Head full of cotton wool as they say?

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