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When Needs Must



Life has handed out some cruel dishes over the past few years, none more so than bad health, if not one thing it's another. I swear I have my own personal parking space at the local hospital and before long I'll have a whole wing named after me!


My Father, who unfortunately suffers with Angina and COPD, collapsed straight after my Mum's funeral and consequently went into hospital. My role as daughter has never been as testing and I'm back visiting yet another parent. My face is so common in the corridors that even the doctors think I work there! Okay! I say -- time out! I need some TLC myself. I've had a whirlwind 7 weeks; in fact where have they gone?


I have an incredible sniffly cold and I'm using handkerchiefs at the rate of knots. I have a bright red nose, puffy eyes and I look like Coco the Clown. The weather isn't helping either, I don't think we've had one day without rain! So much for summer. It pretty well sums up just how I feel actually.


My daughter yearns for a vacation trip to Greece, I yearn for a completed building project and my hubby yearns for peace, with head in hands. I can almost hear him calling me the nagging housewife. What can you do when the weather is so inclement -- go to Greece?


I have a very inviting bath tub beckoning me to just climb in. I hope to soak all my troubles away -- well, some of them anyway! I'll see what August brings since July was a wash out. What more can any normal person take? If I was prone to depression, I reckon I must be cured. Such a hard person I've become, but then again, when needs must!


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