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The Icing On The Cake

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I put myself in some situations, quite why I'll never know! I have a hobby that has occupied my youth to some degree and it's not your usual kind of thing, y'know, like horseriding which most girls in these parts did at that particular age.

It's not anything sporty -- is that really any surprise? So, okay -- I make cakes. I make wedding cakes, in fact any special occasion cakes, and I spent 8 years at evening classes learning the art -- if you can call it that!


My fingers are not so delicate now and I have trouble squeezing the icing out of the bag, in fact it's very difficult for me to complete a cake without some degree of excrutiating pain, so why am I doing yet another one? My friend's sister's son who has very little money decided to marry his girlfriend of 5 years. All the family decided to muck in -- my friend made the dresses, her friend is making the flowers -- the only thing they can't do is perform the service themselves. There's me right in the middle of a conversation suddenly sticking my nose in and announcing that if they provided the materials, I would make the cake! Am I stupid ar what? Well! my hubby certainly thinks so.


Anyway, about 3 weeks ago my friend came to my house with a box full of goodies including 3 cakes, pillars, almond paste, cake boards and ribbon and a little ornament for the top. When I opened the box however, I nearly died! The cakes were all the same size -- 8". The pillars were gold and this is a blue and white cake, the boards were all way too small and the colour of ribbon is one you couldn't get even if you scoured the earth and went to some sleazy baazar in Turkey. My job was going to be tough.


I pondered for days and then decided to ring my friend. I needed to change the whole idea. First I would need to make a 10" round cake for the bottom and then cut down the one for the top. The pillars were a no, no, blue white and gold just do not go and the conversation went on until finally I had my own way, but had talked myself into a huge job -- and where am I going today? An icing class. I got so stressed out with this that I enrolled myself on a daytime refresher course. I haven't done this for years so please tell me I'm doing the right thing!


The class begins at 10am. I'm learning about the new sugarpaste icing. What's wrong with the other I use? I don't know. It takes about 2 hours. My hubby thinks I'm crazy but I already know that because who in their right minds would offer to do a wedding cake under those circumstances anyway?


It's true that I had visions one time of owning a shop and turning my hobby into a business but I did have a business and it was far removed and a lot harder than cake decorating. My hubby thinks I may be looking down that road again, with visions of owning my own shop. He'd be right to think that. Being home all day watching TV can make any sane person fantasize. Maybe I'm being too naive. If I get so stressed over one cake how would I be over several at one time -- could I actually do several cakes at one time -- would my fingers allow?


Just for now I'll take the job in hand, do my best with it and see what happens. I made my friend's daughter's wedding cake last year and it was to some a masterpiece and I'm not blowing my own trumpet here -- I've had my share of disasters in the past! My daughter shows some interest in my hobby -- maybe she'll take up the challenge. I could teach her. I'm not so stupid after all -- there's method in my madness!


Better get dressed and face my new tutor. Hope she doesn't ask me to demonstrate anything -- that would be the icing on the cake!

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