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Warmth At Last!

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There's been no end to this dreary summer -- it's almost autumn and all we've had is winter weather! No surprise then -- we're off to Greece! Tired of aching muscles, constant blue digits and persistant colds, I'm looking forward to the sun. My preparation began yesterday with a visit to the hairdresser's. My mop of straggly unkept locks were in desperate need of a makeover.


"Take it all off," I begged. Not literally, though! I watched in the mirror has she hacked chunks of half tinted and grey pieces of hair that had seen better days, though I can't think when.


"You need a tint, dear," she remarked, but I was going on holiday and the last thing I needed was a tinting disaster. "It might turn green in the sun," she said after I explained that my destination was somewhere warmer than here.

"I'll wait -- I don't want to look like a budgie on tour."


She laughed. "Well that's one way of putting it," and then carried on with her crop.


The end result is a style I'm less familiar with and one my family have yet to get used to. It's short, neat and multi-coloured with shades of brown, grey and a colour I don't recognise but one my daughter has taken a fancy to. "That's the colour I wanted my hair," she says with envy -- her hair is naturally dark. I look totally different -- a new me and I quite like it.


I'm looking at the pile of washing and the suitcase alongside. I'm kind of expecting the clothes to iron and pack themselves and of course that aint gonna happen! Why is it you pack everything but the kitchen sink and then your thoughtless hubby wants to wear his favourite shirt, which happens to be at the bottom of the case, to travel in? This morning he's gone out with my daughter in clothes I'd just ironed ready for packing -- I give up!


We did manage to pull up all the weeds that paraded along our drive yesterday. The sun actually shone for a few hours and it didn't rain. The weeds took over in the wet and it's just not been the kind of weather to tend to gardening needs. So it's not just me who's had a crop, the garden and drive have had one too. My hubby actually climbed a ladder for the first time in months and painted a window. Now I have 3 nice window frames and one which hasn't had a lick of paint since Cromwell marched up my drive. Did I ever tell you we found a musket ball in the wall? Perhaps that was a disgruntled Mrs. Roundhead fed up with her lazy hubby -- now I'm digressing! So all we have to show for yet another year of planned house renovation is, three painted window frames, and a half-painted bit of render.


Still I'm going to Greece on Friday -- Warmth at last, thank goodness!

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