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Don't you just hate Sunday's, I do! Family snoozing and the day never seems to get going, D'ya know what I mean!

Today is no exception to the rule. I awoke to the sound of knawing, hooting and a very unhappy dog running around my trailer, yes, we're still in the trailer.

My constant moaning at my husband about the never ending building project is wearing thin. I'm like an old record he say's, but what's unatural about wanting a house to live in!

We've been homeless in a loose sense of the word since 2002 when we decided to rebuild the cottage, since then it's become a major project all because my parents who lived next door decided to leave. Then we had not one house to rebuild, but two, as both were in desperate need of attention.

My husbands estimation at the time was six months and even that seemed like forever. What followed was four years of bad luck, bad management and ill health.

It's fast becoming winter, the air is very damp and the nights are drawing in. I can see another festive season in a tin can, that's my pet name for the trailer. Every deadline we set ourselves came and went, the latest one being end of October, I don't think so! The heating is causing a problem since the new chimney is smaller than the flue pipe from the woodburning stove. There is a way around the problem, it's just a matter of what's allowed by the building standards,which are very tough in this country.


My own little project for today will be making Green Tomato Chutney. I don't know why I do it since I can't eat the ###### stuff! I just end up giving it all away. It keeps me busy for a short while and keeps me warm too. I noticed that the recent storm had brought down a large number of apples from my tree and I don't want to waste them. My hubby is considering making cider but he'll never do it. Funny how some men think of food first and then alchohol. I think mine has it the wrong way around, drink, food and build a house! In that order and by saying that, I've just realised why the house isn't finished, Mmmm I'll use that in my next tiff.

Our next project is collecting that goat! My hubby persuaded the local Brownie pack leader to pick it up for us in her huge 4x4 vehicle with a horsebox on the back. His method of persuasion was to appeal to her softer side especially where animals are concerned. He told her that if the goat wasn't moved by Sunday from the local pub, it was going in the chefs curry! So she immediately enlisted the help of 5 little Brownies and another leader to assist her in catching the goat and persuading it to climb into the trailer. I can see a pantomime developing here!

I'm staying well clear, and that's why I'm making Green Tomato Chutney, get the picture!

My geese are quiet. I'm always suspicious when they're quiet, what are they up to!

My hubby's still in slumber, my daughter too, and my fingers are becoming quite numb. Sunday is such a lazy day!


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