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Winter Woolies

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Well, I might have been poetic about global warming but there's nothing poetic about waking up to a hard ground frost such as experienced this morning! I could hardly believe my hubby was scraping the ice off the car windscreen -- but he was!


I immediately put plans into action. My day would be spent searching for all my winter woolies and perhaps adding a few jumpers to my collection. I built the fire right up the chimney, slipped on my favourite heavy jacket and hastily headed for town. My daughter who has a permanent appointment with the boutique, was rather excited at my sudden urge to buy clothes and I gave her free rein to choose some decent attire for my Raynaud's ravished body! True to form, she chose all the trendy gear and the fool that I am, went along with her choice. As a recovering frump, I have to admit that her choice does rather suit me, and if I don't say it -- no one will!


I slipped on two pairs of tight jeans and bought a very modern pair of fluffy type boots so if I don't look trendy I can always sign up for a festive elf. I certainly fit the criteria -- 5ft 1" cheeky grin, big red face and an overwhelming urge to make stuff, particulary at this time of year.


October brings in the silly season and although I will surely be enjoying myself doing all the things that kids go wild for -- toffee apples, pumpkin head sculptures and all the mayhem that goes with it -- I think you get the picture. In the UK we have a celebration on Nov 5th to mark the non blowing up of the houses of Parliament. Quite why we celebrate this escapes me as it was quite a stupid thing to do. Still it's a good excuse to get rid of all your unwanted junk in the form of a bonfire and it's a ###### good excuse for me to get warm. I don't mind the bit where you stand around the fire, it's the fireworks that worry me! Especially if you have a daft husband like mine who sticks a rocket in a tube that falls over at the point of launch and the ###### thing screams across the lawn at the speed of an exocet missile towards your good self who was just enjoying the warmness in her gloves. If you think I've lost the ability to move like a Gazelle -- think again? Needless to say I've banned rockets or any exploding objects from this year's celebration.


Back to the fire and I'm stoking up for this evening. The lounge area is around 95 degrees and feeling tropical. Still, it's just fine by me anything below 75 degrees has me blowing into my cupped hands and wriggling around like a bored child.


So, what about global warming then? How much longer do I have to wait? My personal opinion guys, don't quote me on my negative outlook even if the worriers of this world do -- serious stuff I know and although the implications for future generations is bleak, I can't help it if I'm selfish! But I actually do care!!!!

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