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Hope When There Is None!

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Things we take for granted like, a washing machine, refridgerator, cooker, tumble dryer -- er! Tumble dryer! I haven't had one of those for 5 years on account of our ever ongoing renovation work. I've sure missed that machine. Believe me, hanging out your washing to dry in weather we've experienced this year, was and is a nightmare! I mean how much can a domestic queen like me suffer? It was not right to hang washing in front of the fire particulary when you had the minister coming for coffee. My smalls, and not so smalls, all hung ceremoniously for everyone to see. My Gran used to say, " Never mind, love, at least they're clean and paid for." I shudder to think at what point in my life she said those words -- perhaps I showed a little too much even then -- who knows? I cringed each time my daughter asked for her favourite jumper, I tell you the whole prospect of the laundry routine was no joke what-so-ever.


Today is a momentous occasion -- The new tumble dryer arrives. It's not that we couldn't afford one, well let's face it, who can? It was more to do with where we would put it! My house is so full of building materials and unfinished projects that our larger than average home is one of living area and warehouse! Sometimes I wander into the stores of my unfinished dining room area and rummage in the boxes we packed some 5 years ago when life was an adventure about to begin with the prospect of renovating our own home. My visions of a country dwelling complete with roses, have all but diminished and all we have is a shell and a summer which put an end to our dreams this year. My husband is philosophical -- "There's always next year!" And if that's the quote of the century, I've heard it all before! My outlook is more sceptical -- I'll believe it when I see it!


Back to the boxes and I keep pulling out more memories. Old photos I'd long forgotten about. Some made me smile, especially the ones of my daughter when mum was mummy not her personal slave, but that's not a fair statement, she's a really good kid for a teenager and those little tantrums have long gone. Some made me throw them back in the box quicker than the click of the camera -- Me! Goodness I have changed so much. I was, dare I say, fat! Frumpy and a hairstyle that was ancient in the 80's. I should be lucky to have gotten married at all looking like that! But hey, I was okay in my 20s and I prefer to look at those -- and I'll keep them on top!


My day goes so quickly when I'm reminiscing. Then I realise that I have work to do before the rabble comes home. Back in the boxes the memories go and back to reality as I walk into the part of the house that actually looks like a home. Dreams of roses around the door may have wilted and died but there's always hope when there is none! And I'm sure my gran said that too!

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