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Dreams Of Summer

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I got on my rubber boots, my gloves and my hat

Off to my local town, that's where my place is at

I love to browse around the shops, though hubby doesn't know

He likes to keep his pennies, and watch the savings grow.


My daughter spends her cash like it's going out of fashion

And when she opens her wardrobe, my hubby's face is ashen

For she has so many clothes and I have a collection too

Though often it is hidden "Oh I've had it a year or two"


When the time comes for a vacation, the cases we will stuff

Poor old hubby has so little, he never has enough.

With passports ready at the gate, we girls are waved right through

While our personal beast of burden lags further down the queue

He's laden with all the shopping, perfumes and the bags

And under both his armpits are our holiday girlie mags


The plane takes off for warmer climes and hubby falls asleep

He's snoring over the engines, he's collapsed in a heap

Not one thing will stir him not even turbulance in flight

I think I'd better wake him, he'll never sleep tonight.


Bump go the wheels and we're back in greece Yippee!

Can't wait to get off the plane I love it there you see

And hubby trails behind the crowd, as we begin to board the bus

He's dragging all the baggage and most of it's for us


Dreams of past summer vacations are all that we can do

Winter is upon us, the cold day's and feeling blue

Just wait until next year when we'll be off again

We'll just have to put up with wind and all the rain

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