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Post November 5th

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Bonfire night! -- GuyFawkes night! Whatever! It certainly went off with a bang.

For once, it wasn't raining and believe me that's a plus. The huge pile of rubbish my hubby found lying around, burned with a red hot glow lighting up half the country lanes for miles and the rockets he bought from Joe Bloggs! delighted my father and daughter, although they were some distance away.


I can't say that I'm a fan of fireworks these days and I may sound rather like a spoilsport but I'm glad when the whole thing is over. You end up stinking like a smoked ham, freezing your body parts, and all for what? 20 minutes of crash bang and fizz and the entire evening is over. If you ask me I'd rather sit in front of a warm home fire with feet up watching the box. Of course there's not much on that either and being on my own all day, I'd rather hear about my family's day at work and college, than what the dog did to the geese or vice versa!


I went to bed last night with an incredible sore throat and the shivers. I was feeling less than okay around 9pm and figured the bed seemed a more inviting place than sat in the living room watching some rubbish on TV. I always worry when I feel a flu like symptom coming on and it's with good cause. I can't afford a bout of flu at the moment or at any time actually. Its usual course nearly always ends up with a chest infection and forbid the thought, pneumonia! Thankfully I woke this morning feeling much brighter than I felt last evening and I'm hoping that the flu jab I had did it's job -- certainly seems that way.


So despite having a headache and a few sneezes, I'm generally okay, if there's ever a case to be okay with scleroderma. Funny how you accept and adapt to a condition and get used to it. My defination of ill is now when I get something other than I've already got! -- If you get my drift. I don't see sclero as being ill any more, more like a condition that is part of me rather than affecting me in a sick sort of way. Another symptom merely complicates things and you end up not knowing whether it's scleroderma related or not! Now I'm digressing.


So November 5th over for another year, now it's full steam ahead into the silly season! I have 9 guests for dinner this year and one turkey won't be big enough for sure. Those geese outside are looking decidedly nervous, but I couldn't harm them so I'll buy a ready prepared bird -- coward or what?

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