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Things That Make You Go Arghhhh!

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There are many things in life that make you go, "Arghhhhh," even, "Ooooh." Those days are few, but when they come they simply bowl you over. Not surprising then, I've had my fair share of those days and if anyone is being truly honest, so will they!


Parking spaces! I see you cringe. I'm the proud but reluctant owner of a disability badge; wherever I go, it goes along with me too. Funny how the one day you forget to take it, is the day you needed it the most. We have two vehicles, mine and my hubby's. My car looks like a skip -- hubby's is like a mobile tool van. My car is like a skip because no one but me will clean it or tidy it. I began an experiment. How long would it take for my daughter or hubby to offer their services and clean my car? The answer, surprisingly is, never! I hate to take it to the car wash; the last time was a disaster and has created a car wash phobia with me.


It was a day like no other. The sun was shining and a good day to clean my car. I took it to the local supermarket which has an automated car wash. I thought this would be the greatest thing I ever did and I thought it up with my own brain -- let the machine do the work, I'll sit there and not get wet or cold -- brilliant! The fluffy rollers began to spin and water squirted from every angle. Suds and steam and crunch -- Crunch!!! "What was that?" A long piece of metal flew over the car and landed in front of the car wash. "Oh, no -- the thing's taking my car apart -- help!" I shouted, but no one could hear. Bang! went the next roller and brush! It hit my windscreen. My wiper blade clung on for dear life. The car rocked from side to side and then blasted with more water. I couldn't get out and I couldn't move the car. I was trapped. The roller retreated, the water stopped the machine came to a halt. Shaking like a leaf I turned on the ignition, could hardly drive but put it into gear and shot out. I drove it to a safe area where I could check the damage. My aerial had been ripped off and my wiper blade was hanging by a thread -- I complained.


The guy at the petrol station listened with a grim face as I told him of the horror,

but he told me it was at my own risk to use the car wash -- What? My own risk? How did he work that one out? My wiper was ruined, my aerial ripped from its mount and I was traumatised and it was, "My fault?" I spat back.


"Pretty much" he said. "Your aerial must have been loose as were your windscreen wipers," he said dismissively.


"They weren't loose when I set out or went in the wash, and now I'm going home with a clean car minus a few bits," I fumed.


"Fill out this accident form," he said and then began to serve another customer.


I left the station more than upset and with intention of taking things further but time was against me. Daughter to collect from school, shopping to be kept frozen, what else could I do but go home?


My bright idea turned out to be the most stupid thing I'd done for a long time and now I have a phobia. I can't use a hand held pressure washer because my fingers freeze, so my car will stay dirty. It's one of those things that make me say, "Arghhh!" "Ooooh!" will be when it gets done! But so far I haven't had chance to say it!


Next blog -- The Disability Badge Parking Nightmare

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