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I Want My Lips Back



In looking in the mirror today a couple of things came to mind. One, it's going to be a bad hair day again so just forget about it. Two, I want my lips back.


I had small lips to begin with and when my face started tightening, my upper lip disappeared rather quickly and quietly. It doesn't help to smile because that only makes it fold under as if I have tucked it up into my gum and am trying to show off my teeth. I look like a donkey.


Then I started wondering what men with scleroderma think when they look in the mirror. Do they even pay as much attention to their face as we women do? Do they even get the T-spots and the hairloss and the face tightening and the small mouth the same as us women? I imagine they do but I have never heard one of them come on the message board and say they thought they looked like a donkey when they smiled.


I don't know what point I am trying to make, if any. I was just missing my upper lip and wondering if men ever cared about such things.


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