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Awards Evening

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Friday was the first anniversary of our local radio station of which I am a part.

It was therefore only right to arrange a birthday bash which was held at the sporting club. I was very nervous -- I've only ever spoke over the airwaves but never actually met any of the listeners. The anticipation was one of reluctance and we decided to sit in the darkest corner of the room which actually was the best place of all since the radiator was banging off the wall. I sat with my back pressed up to it and I was in a very comfortable position -- thank goodness for radiators! The night rolled on and eventually it came to the part I had dreaded since my arrival -- the awards! All the presenters were due to recieve one and of course that included me.


I've never been the type of person to take centre stage and the prospect of doing so was making my comfortable position at the side of the radiator very uncomfortable indeed. They read through the list, introducing each person to the public with rapturous applause. Then my name was read! Oh my goodness! I rose from my chair with head down and nervously climbed upon the stage. The lights were blinding and I couldn't see the audience which was rather a relief. I was handed a certificate, not sure what it said but I accepted it and almost scuttered from the stage. On returning to my seat, my daughter grabbed the certificate and read it out:


For all your hard work and dedication to the station


I thought it was very nice and it now proudly stands on the dresser. I've never won a certificate since primary school and I must say the feeling was still as good.

I wonder if I was all the listeners thought I would be. We all have mental picture of how we think someone looks when all we have is a voice or words to go by.

I wonder if I was a disappointment? Perhaps they expected the likes of Nigella Lawson who by all accounts is a wonderful cook and a very beautiful woman. I can cook but the beautiful bit -- well! I wonder if they thought I was okay? I suppose I'll never know, but vanity has never been my strongest point so why should I worry now?


A good night was had by all. Most were merry, excluding me as I don't drink alcohol. My hubby had quite enough for both of us and how he rose for work the next day is beyond me! It beats chasing chickens though and although one has returned, the others are far away I should imagine.


My life is not so dull after all. Sometimes I do too much! Getting involved with the local community it seems, is all I'm good for these days. I'm not fit enough to earn money anymore and I'm only good enough to do things for free. My grandad always said, "Anyone can work for nowt." And he was right!


Back to the station on Thursday -- perhaps all the gossip of Friday will all be revealed!

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