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Guess Who's Back

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This is a somewhat or a short message and not a blog at all. It would be more appropriate for me to post this on the messageboard but I'm doing this for a purpose.


My computer finally died just before the holidays and with it all my files and information. I'd promised myself a laptop for quite some while so I could sit beside the open fire and tap away to my heart's content. Of course being the holiday season, money was needed elsewhere, i.e. my daughter's expensive present and a list much longer than last year on account of having 10 people round for dinner.

The January sales became too much of a temptation and I duly purchased my machine on monday.


My how things have changed since I bought my last computer. Windows Vista and wireless modems, routers and new versions of just about everything. I thought connecting back up to the internet would be a doddle but as usual my thoughts were wrong.


Three days later and I'm finally on line. My internet provider is popping pills for a nervous disposition after I telephoned them so many times they were on speed dial -- can't wait to recieve the phone bill!


So I'm back at last and I'm getting used to the luxury of sitting in my comfy chair happily doing my tapping on a keyboard.


I have to ask --- did you miss me at all? Mmm, Thought not!


Guesss who's back!

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