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Pet Peeves



My dog stinks. I hate that. He stinks up my house. I can't make him go outside on account of his eyes - his big brown "Mommy don't make me go outside" eyes with those eyebrows that go up and make him look even more pathetic. So, my house stinks. I hate that.


Give him a bath? Yea, right. Me and what army? I just have to $ave up for the groomer.


OH! Pet peeves don't have to be about your pet? Well then - where do I start?


Tangled hangers

Tangled paperclips

Tangled hair

Gray hairs

Lack of hairs


Lack of common sense

Oblivious drivers

Can't find the tape

Can't find the scissors

Can't find anything!




My blood being replaced with concrete

Waking up feeling like I slept under a bus

The bitter med getting stuck in my throat and tasting it for the next 2 hours

Lack of hair

Clumsy hands

Cold hands

Painful hands

Lack of hair

Can't find any of my 100 pairs of gloves

Living in the bathroom days

Restless legs

Sleepless nights

Sleepy daze

Sleeping on an incline

Lack of hair

Feeling like a professional patient

Small veins



Did I mention lack of hair?



Whew! This feels good! :)


I'll bet there are a lot of sclero-peeves for those who have it a lot worse off than I do. I can't imagine dragging an oxygen tube around the house all day. Or doing your own dialysis at home. Or dealing with a feeding tube. Or having chronic finger ulcers - just to name a few.


So when I'm done griping about my sclero-peeves, I think of those worse off than me, send them some good vibes and count my blessings.


Your assignment for the day: list your pet peeves - sclero and otherwise. It's very cleansing. Then don't forget to count your blessings.



ISN members go to the Sclero Den and share your sclero-peeves under my peeve topic post


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