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New Year Resolution

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Holidays over with for another year and I suppose the next best thing to look forward to is spring. I sure hope the weather improves this year. Last year was a total washout with many places flooded, including my unfinished extension to the cottage, which if it stays like that for much longer I'll be stocking it with fish!


This whole house renovation is the bane of my life and has been for almost five years. I need nothing short of a miracle to happen to complete this never ending dust site. It's a depressing thought that we rely so heavily on the weather and quite a worrying one when you live on an island known for it's inclement weather conditions. Last summer was non-existant, just an extension of winter and really not much warmer either -- so much for my Raynaud's condition which enjoyed full colour throughout 2007.


I never made a New Year resolution this year, perhaps if I had it would have been to finish this old house but I know that promises are there to be broken so if it does happen it will definitely be an unexpected bonus. I'm not going to lose weight, stop smoking, give up booze, get fit or anything because I did all of that long ago. I stopped smoking when I was 20 and although I didn't know it then, it was the single most important and sensible thing I ever did. As for the weight loss, well that was sort of unexpected and brought on by a series of events. The booze went at the same time too and the fitness thing -- forget it!


I suppose all there is left to promise myself is a desire to keep well and probably take two or three vacations to Greece. If that's all I achieve this year then it won't be all bad will it?


I forgot to mention. Happy new Year

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