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Time Flies

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My daughter is 17 in two weeks time. I'm not about to go on about how time flies, we all know about that, it's a fact of life that growing older happens to us all. Next year will be our 20th wedding anniversary, Steve's 50th birthday, my daughters 18th and both our fathers 80th birthdays -- what a year! And in the midst of all of that, hopefully it will be our housewarming as well. There is much to celebrate, so why am I feeling so reluctant to even discuss the event at any length? Well for one it will be more than hard work. My daughter talks endlessly about a huge marquee -- well we have the space. She talks about hiring caterers, a band and goodness knows how many guests. All well and good if all was hunky dory but we have a house which is half finished, a yard which at the moment looks like the bottom of a polluted pond on account of the geese, and no proper access to the house, unless you are an experienced orienteer. Yes! We have much to do.


I need to get a job to keep my sanity. To face the day with such optimism is becoming quite boring when nothing changes. We promoted the ladder into proper stairs, without spindles, and apart from a bathroom, two bedrooms, a kitchen and front living room everything is and stays as was!


The house was originally built in the 1600s and if they'd progressed at the same speed as us, I reckon they'd have only just finished it. How on earth did they lift those huge beams and stone flags onto the roof? It took a lifting frame and a few strong guys with modern tools just to move one beam downstairs. I found a musket ball in the plaster, perhaps it was meant for the slacker, a guy who worked too slowly, either way it looked as though he missed, or perhaps it was just boredom -- who knows?


They must have smoked heavily too. I found at least 20 -25 clay pipes around the place all bearing initials. One actually had a date 1704. Perhaps 200 years from now someone will find my computer and wonder what the **** I was doing writing such junk, with a bit of luck, the house might be finished by then!

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