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You have Raynauds, said my doctor. I must have been nineteen

A very common condition, many people with that I've seen

It's nothing for you to worry about, it may even go away

And with that diagnosis, I was sent on my way

My friends thought I was amazing I could make my fingers white

And they almost looked illuminous when we went out at night

I laughed with all the others but really deep inside

The pain was just unbearable and that I had to hide

First it started with two fingers then three, and then all four

Then it moved to my other hand and began to effect some more

I couldn't do my job, couldn't open doors with handles

My fingers dead as door nails and they looked like little white candles


The years went by so quickly and they kept getting worse

I hated having blood tests and going to the nurse

You see I had a problem and I didn't know what to do

My fingers they were bending and always turning blue

I started getting ailments, every day was something new

I even had pneumonia and eating problems too

I knew that things could not be right, by then I was 39

I never had a single day that I could say "I'm fine"


Finally, someone who cared and made me feel at ease

A young doctor had an interest in a very rare disease

I think you have scleroderma and that's why you feel so ill

I'd never heard of such a word, but I listened to him still

I'll refer you to a specialist and he will take a test

And now they say is history and my mind is at rest

I do have scleroderma and that ###### Raynauds too

And I'm so glad that I met him and the condition he knew

For years I spent in the wilderness, all the times it drove me mad

I walked around with a condition, one I never knew I had


My life has changed oh yes indeed, but not always for the worse

I still have my life to live with or without this curse

I take each day as it comes. look forward to the next

And see that scleroderma is nothing but written text

For life is how you make it and it's very plain to see

That maybe I have sclero, but sclero ain't got me

I'll fight every little problem and put it down to rest

And do the things I really like, things that suit me best

So if you're scared and all alone, remember I was there

I felt the world against me with friends who didn't care

But now that's all behind me and I don't give a toss

If you don't like me when I'm ill, your friendship is no loss

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