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Rain, Rain Go Away!

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Today was my rheumatologist appointment. I say was, because I'm not going! I can't believe how bad the weather has been, not just recently but for over 12 months. It's hardly ever stopped raining and in the last 48hrs it's dropped over a months worth of rainfall. My unfinished house is flooded way above shoe level and I'm walking around in rubber boots.


I took my daughter to college this morning and I should have had a boat. The roads are all flooded, driving conditions are atrocious and it's so dark -- there's no let up! The clinic is in Manchester, noted for it's rainfall and it's some 30 miles from my home, small wonder why I'm not going.


The purpose of the appointment was to be new drugs --- vasodilators for my Raynaud's. I can't take pills on account of my swallowing motility problems, so they're trying new soluble tablets -- why I have to travel so far to learn how to dissolve a tablet who knows? It's not tablets I need right now it's flippers and a snorkel. Anyone got a raft they can lend me?


My geese are loving it but the cat is not impressed. I watched it walk across the yard this morning on it's claws without getting it's paws wet. Then I laughed as it leaped across one plank of wood and missed the other -- splash straight in a huge, and I mean huge puddle. It was like a wet rat -- if I'd got it on camera it would have won a competion for sure. Have you ever witnessed a wet cat, have you ever seen the look on it's face? Boy!


The dog is slightly more aware but daft enough to go and get soaked. It stands there in the rain looking indoors, but it ain't coming in -- the smell would be totally off putting. There's plenty of shelter outdoors, the chickens know it but the dog would rather get wet.


Back to the forecast and it's not good. We are due to have snow later and then a big freeze overnight --- fun and games tomorrow then. I'll need skates or skis in the morning. What's happening to our weather?


I don't believe it, it's finally stopped... but wait, there's a huge black cloud on the horizon. I'll get fuel for the fire without getting soaked me thinks! Better do it now!

Rain, Rain go away. Come again another day!

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