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Personal Triumph

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I don't have many personal triumphs these days, in fact my days without any kind of trauma are few. Above all else, I have a family to be thankful for, a wonderful daughter to boast about, a lovely country life albeit pandemonium at times and a husband who is at least loyal if not totally understanding.


My personal triumph is a feather in my cap as they say. I fought the sytem and won! I battled for justice against a very flawed system, changed the law and got recompence for my father. Yes! I feel I have the right to boast because it makes me realise that I'm not altogether useless after all and I have my place in society.


You lose so much self esteem with scleroderma because if you thought you were the only person close by with it -- you'd probably be right! And if you ever thought, "Why me?" then you would have just cause to feel that way.


I guess the moral of the story is that you should fight for what you believe is right and not accept anything less. Having a chronic illness can give you self doubt or cause you to feel as though you are becoming out of touch with normality. You leave work, adjust, battle every little hiccup, and at the same time try to lead a normal, happy life, I think that actually we are quite marvellous!


I won't lie down just yet and there is much to be done in our society. If I can't right my own problems then at least give me the satisfaction of success in others!

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