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Money, Life And A Built House



Waking to the sound of a cockerel's crow may sound idyllic for some, indeed it was a very 'country thing' at first and it put a wry smile on my face as the young rooster tried his new found call: rock-a-doodle -- eeek as apposed to doooo! Now it's well and truly found its cry and personally I feel like chucking my boot at it.


My daughter is at an age where clothes, boyfreinds and personal appearance are the only thing that matters. It's not considered the in thing to be countryfied with an Hooray Henry! attitude and indeed she hasn't been. The farm life certainly doesn't do anything for her street cred.


The poor kid avoids bringing her friends home on account of mountains of goose poo through the yard which sticks rather well to high heels and doesn't provide anything but a slippery surface. It doesn't help that once indoors, the house is half-finished and her mother walks around permanently with a rucksack and tube like she's about to conquer Everest. It definately doesn't feature in a teenagers agenda.


On the whole I feel mighty sorry for her, she's had much to put up with in her young life. It certainly can't be easy and these are things you tend to forget when you have a chronic illness -- the impact is has on family!


The cockerel has finally shut up! Now it's the geese who have their turn. My daughter has gone off to college in a huff and my hubby has just turned the house upside down looking for the bank card which was in his jacket pocket all along. Of course I got the blame, I always do like I had it last. You'd think that I was the sole beneficiary of our bank account and that he never spent any money. He'd love that, of course, but where on earth does he think the food comes from? True I am a good cook, I can say that because I even have a cookery radio show, but I don't go out and hunt or collect flora or mushrooms, so the stuff almost invariably comes from the supermarket and until they begin giving it for free --- I have to pay like everyone else.


The money goes so fast these days. I no longer work for a living. Goodness knows how much I miss my contribution to the family pot! Things are much more expensive now, fuel and the rising cost of living are all linked somehow. Much emphasis is being placed on the farming community -- perhaps not at the moment but I can see great change afoot. The ever increasing pressure on the global warming issue is forcing many to think about bio fuels and that loosly means growing crops for fuel. I think it's a good and bad thing and without going into depth, I think there will be much said about the subject in years to come.


In relation to my daughter, her head is in the clouds. I can't see her in rubber boots driving a tractor or being remotely interested in growing anything but her fingernails. Her idea of learning to drive is cruising around the countryside in a sports car rather than bouncing around a field on a tractor.


So today finds me travelling to the hospital in Manchester. I hate that journey!

It was posponed by myself last week because my house was flooded. I rang to cancel and they replied with an answer I could hardly believe. "It's not a good enough excuse." Now I ask you -- If that's not a good reason for missing an appointment -- what is? Does my entire house have to collapse? Does my house have to be washed away? Not a good excuse -- really!


Better get myself ready then. I'm not in the mood for hospitals but then again am I ever! I'll get it over with and then I'll go and spend some money -- as if!


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