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Yesterday's Appointment



As far as appointments go I suppose yesterday was a bit mediocre. I travelled 30 miles there and the same back with a stiff neck, sore back and little patience with congestion at every road exit. No wonder I returned home feeling like I'd wasted a complete day with nothing to show!


The highlight of the day had to be meeting my friend in clinic otherwise I may have fallen asleep with boredom. And coupled with the fact that two people were called at once and fought for the weighing chair had me thinking there was after all so much more to life than squabbling over a chair. I therefore graciously showed the lady to her seat and happily sat back in the waiting area. I was competely cool about the whole thing, after all it was such a piddling thing to worry about but the whole issue blew right up in my face when the nurse treating me and had clearly had enough of the day, leapt to my defence and demanded I sat in the chair first.

I don't mind being made a fuss of, in the right frame of course but if I was ever to be put forward before my time for something more serious, I'd feel much obliged, but please! a couple of minutes more wouldn't have mattered and I was prepared to wait.


My excitement of being shown to my chair I could hardly contain and something I wasn't in the slightest worried about, turned into a fiasco and at that very point I wanted to go home! I've lost 7 pounds in weight since the holidays. Okay not a problem if I was normal, in fact several years ago I'd have leapt with joy in losing a few pounds and considered it a triumph. These days, however it's not so good news when all I have to replace lost weight is a liquid food that obviously isn't nourishing me properly.


Feeling the need to make excuses I tried to blame it on my daughter's present bought at the holidays. Y'know the kind of game that goes on TV and you play with a remote. I was playing tennis and I can boast that I'm not only good but professional! Much to the annoyance of my daughter, I can beat her score no problem and that infuriates her. Then I kind of remembered my stiff neck and sore back -- Mmmm, and realised the cause.


There was much said about my weight loss and I was beginning to tire of being told the obvious -- "Keep your feeds regular." Okay! so I missed the odd few, so what? Would they like to carry a heavy container on their back 24/7. Anyway with my solemn promise to be a very good girl, I left and headed for home with nothing more than a ticking off and a lost afternoon.


My mission today is to go to my local market. I always go on Tuesdays. I like to support local business and I love bargains. The weather so far seems fine, at least the birds are twittering outside -- if they think it's spring then who am I to argue. This weather is wierd! It's never stopped raining for weeks and now its almost 50 degrees outside. My daffodils are up and about to flower and the trees all have little buds on them. It's almost February but it feels like April, which reminds me that my daughter will be 17 in a few days. We need a mortgage or a huge bank loan to pay for this birthday. I'm dreading next year when she will be 18.


I hear her prancing around the bedroom. It's 7.30 in the morning, better get a move on or I might miss the chance of a coffee.


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