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Womb For Rent



Actually, if I was a healthy person, I'd make the space available for free. I loved being pregnant - growing a little life inside of me - it is such a privilege. I wish all women could experience the elation of pregnancy.


When I hear of women having like their 10th kid, my first thought is, "Is she nuts?!" Two boys was definately enough for me. Then I get a little jealous of all that pregnancy time. I hear some of you saying, "Is she nuts?!" I know, pregnancy isn't so great for everyone; in fact I had my share of complications too but overall the experience was bliss. I wouldn't trade any part of the experience for anything, not even the labor and natural birth.


My heart aches for women who want to get pregnant but can't. I could never be an egg donor but I would have no problem carrying another couple's baby for them. It would be such an honor and I think the ultimate gift not only for them but for me. Maybe that's selfish of me.


There has been speculation among the scleroderma research community that pregnancy and/or the childbirth process may be a trigger for scleroderma. (Sorry but you're going to have to look that one up yourself because I'm too terribly tired right now.) My first autoimmune symptoms did come when my first born was 6 months old.


I was put on this earth to be a mother and even though I could have been a mom through adoption, I still would not trade pregnancy and childbirth to be scleroderma free.


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